Kings Cross Nine to Five
Concepts Drafts

Logo Development: Phase 1

The brief: Design a logo and visual identity for the Kings Cross volunteering initiative “9-5,” where participants contribute 2,080 hours of their time. The logo needs to include these details, incorporate the Kings Cross logo, and maintain alignment with the overall Kings Cross brand.

Route One: Hearts

The following options use a heart motif which serves as a symbol of compassion, empathy, and community. Using this also covers the numerate and various forms that the volunteering may take while hopefully communicating the altruistic nature of the initiative.

NOTE: All of the logos for each route are shown in a single colour-way only however colours can be explored as part of the next phase (or be designed to use a wide variety of the brand’s palette).

Route Two: Clocks

This route uses a clock as a key part of the logo to symbolise the time being gifted as part of the campaign.

Although shown in the some of the previous route as well, this route has more space to allow for some additional context to accompany the 2080 hours aspect of the logo.

Route Three: Modular

This route uses rectangular blocks to create a menu that is made up of a number of elements which could be interchanged somewhat. By creating an identity that is flexible in its form, the logo can be adapted to create additional assets for different messaging (for example portrait and horizontal posters, as well as a banner are shown below).